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'The paramount duty of an expert witness is to the Court or Tribunal'.


Welcome to the website of R.A Chapman Consulting Automotive Engineer.  


The Expert Witness must be able to effectively communicate evidence impartially and dispassionately.

Expert witnesses are listened to carefully; lay witnesses are listened to with skepticism. 

It can be a serious disadvantage to enter into litigation without an Independent Expert Witness Report or not to have that Expert available in Court or Tribunal to be cross examined.

Engaging the correct Expert Witness can be as important as engaging the correct Lawyer.




Over 50 years Automotive Industry Experience.

More than 10 years Expert Witness Experience.

Engaged by Private Owners, Motoring Organizations, Trade and the Legal Profession. 

My technical knowledge and years of practical experience enables me to articulate detailed technical evidence in a Tribunal or Courtroom environment.




Preparation of Independent Expert Witness Reports.

Independent Vehicle Inspections.

Automotive Component Failure Investigation

Roadworthy Regulation Compliance Disputes.

Expert Reports presented at VCAT, Magistrates and County Courts.

Automotive Technical Consultant to the Legal Profession.










C.G.L.I. (UK)  


R.Eng.Tech . (UK)      



Membership of Professional Bodies.



M.I.A.M.E .   


M.I.M.I .(UK)



During 53 years in the Motor Industry I have been involved with many major manufacturers products, including British, European, American and Japanese. Petrol, Diesel and LPG.

Over the past 36 years I have established and developed Australia‘s Premier Independent Rolls-Royce and Bentley Service and Parts Facility.

I have been a  Vic-Roads  Licensed Vehicle Tester for over 15 years.

I have held Accreditation from A.A.F.R.B  (Australian Alternative Fuel Registration Board) L.P.G for over 20 years.





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